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The International Bowhunter Education Program 

Next  Practical Day:       Saturday 3rd July 21

Location:     North Wales



A provisional date and venue has been set for the above (numbers permitting) please email to register or use the paypal link at the bottom of this page.

Upon registration you will be sent location details and itinerary.

The British Bowhunters Association is the sole registered provider within the UK for the International Bowhunter Education Program (IBEP).  Proof of Bowhunter Education is required in the majority of all existing Bowhunting nations, in addition to regional licensing regulations.  The BBA runs the IBEP course throughout the UK subject to demand.

You can now complete the theory section of this course online in your own time through the IBEP programme, once completed you will recieve your field day voucher, register with us and attend a practical field day to receive your permanent IBEP card. 

Click  'HERE'  to sign on and complete the theory section to the course.  

Practical day course fee's

  £80.00.*  BBA Members
  £110.00* non members
( * None refundable unless 14 days prior notice of non-attendance is given.)

Please use the paypal link at the bottom of the page to register and pay for the field day, or alternatively email our IBEP coordinater for further options or questions.


Equipment requirements

As a Bowhunter the most important consideration of your equipment set-up is Broadhead tuning.  If your broadhead tipped arrows are are not correctly tuned to your bow, you will not achieve the desired accuracy.  The following links are to a simple but effective guide to tuning your broadhead tipped arrows which you may find helpfuL.

For those considering attending an IBEP course
here is a good tuturial by Gary, our IBEP coordinator
on building an arrow to achieve same point of 
impact for field points and broadheads.

It also walks you through the shooting test you will
be required to complete.

Arrow building tuturial

'Broadhead tuning Compounds' 

Tuning longbows and Recurves

Payment and registration

International Bowhunter Education Programme