Bowhunting in Europe
Bowhunting Nations

...from humble beginnings to International recognition.

The British Bowhunters Association (BBA) was started in 1991 by Sid Ball after he was approached by fellow Bowhunters Javier Sintes from Spain and Helio Bomba from Portugal.  Both Sintes and Bomba had been engaged with politicians in Brussels in attempts to re-introduce EU Bowhunting legislation, and as part of their ultimately successful campaign they sought representation from other EU nations.  By 1995 however, Sid's new career was rapidly taking off and he handed over the Chair of the BBA to fellow Scot and reknown UK competitive archer Douglas Mitchell.

Following Douglas's untimely death in 2002, the position of Chairman was held by Clive Freemantle and under Clive the very first IBEP course in UK was held in 2006.  Membership of the association rapidly grew and a further IBEP course was held in 2008 to accommodate the ever growing number of hunters choosing modern Bowhunting gear.
Sadly in 2009 we also lost Clive and the Chair was taken for a period by John Hilsden.  John pioneered the BBA's efforts to promote Bowhunting amongst the UK hunting and conservation community, particularly through BBA representation at regional Game Fairs.  As a result the BBA now has a presence at Europe's largest event, the CLA Game Fair.
In 2011 following the election of a new commitee, the BBA hosted the joint-President of the European Bowhunting Federation (EBF) and of the IBEP Foundation in Europe, Anders Gejer.  On behalf of the EBF Anders formally welcomed the BBA as associated members and he also delivered IBEP Instructor training to senior BBA members.  As a result the BBA now has nine fully qualified IBEP instructors ready to share their knowledge.

In early 2012 the BBA reorganised its committee and reaffirmed its selfless commitment to the promotion of Bowhunting in the UK.  In particular 2012 will see ongoing developments to the IBEP curriculum as it is adapted to suit the UK environment and the BBA will continue its assistance to Bowhunt Scotland.